9 out of every 10 Indian teenagers lack 


 FAMEINISM was founded with a single mission: to increase financial acumen of teenagers and inculcate basic personal finance skills which are NOT taught in traditional schools. We seek to create awareness among teenagers and increase their involvement in Finance, Accountancy, Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship.


We empower confident, resilient, future-ready young adults to lead, achieve their dreams and change the world. 

               We inculcate personal finance skills in young teenagers and empower them to take the lead in financial matters.


90% of Indian teenagers lack personal finance skills - We are changing that!

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A Letter from ANOUSHKA

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I started FAMEINISM in July 2018 when I realised that education in Indian schools fundamentally lacked one of the most important skills necessary for success in the real world: Personal Finance Skills. No school teaches students what it means to cross a cheque or what a Mutual Fund actually is. Skills for Financial Success are simply not inculcated in teenagers. I wanted to change that. I wanted to directly go to students my age and share necessary personal finance skills with them. That is why I founded FAMEINISM. 

Most Indian students are simply unaware of fantastic career opportunities in FAME fields. We want to create awareness in them for exciting and novel careers so that they can make informed career decisions.  

Further, I realised that Indian students grow up in an environment where Entrepreneurship is not seriously discussed as a career path. We have the ideas but we lack the fundamental knowledge. FAMEINISM creates a platform for young adults to rediscover entrepreneurship and understand its true meaning. 

Thank you for your continued belief in our mission.


4 out of 5 Indian adults believe that they would have benefited from Personal Finance education earlier in their lives. FAMEINISIM is making this a reality.

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